Manly P.Hall

Spiritual Centers in Man

We regard growth as a natural process but the phenomenon of unfoldment is actually a revelation of the release of the spiritual potential with which all creatures have been endowed. Evolution is actually a kind of ideation or an expansion of consciousness through bodies. Jacob Boehme, the German mystic, describes the soul as a tree with its roots in the heart and its branches extending through all the regions of space. The fruit of this tree is for the healing of the nations, and the shade which it provides is consolation and protection for those who are weary of worldliness. The sacred institutions of both Eastern and Western nations have taught the science of human regeneration. They have revealed the paths that lead to liberation from mental, emotional, and physical suffering. In this essay I have attempted to show that growth is a pleasant journey and that those who keep the laws of living place themselves in the keeping of these laws.
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