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Whisper Your Worries Away

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Does your child sometimes find it difficult to sleep? Do they find it hard to express their fears, or even seem unwilling to do so? Do you wish there was a way you could help them feel relaxed and contended come bedtime?
If so, this calming meditation for children aged around three to six years could be the solution you are looking for. The recording is designed to help your child drift off to sleep as they listen to a story specially written to deal with negative thoughts and feelings.
In many cases, children have difficulty sleeping due to a degree of underlying anxiety; perhaps they don’t like being along at bedtime, are scared of the dark or think there might be monsters under the bed. In this recording, expert hypnotherapist Lynda Hudson gently guides your child through a story in which they are taken to a magic garden with a happy flower, a safe flower and a worry flower. There, anyone can whisper their worries to the worry flower who takes them into her petals and they get blown away. With their anxiety released, your child will be able to doze off feeling calm, happy and safe.
Lynda’s approach is based on many years as a clinical hypnotherapist and she has helped thousands of people across the world with her recordings. As the author of two widely-acclaimed books on hypnotherapy for both adults and children alike, you can be sure that your child’s healing is in the safest hands. For the best results your child should listen to this recording in a calm and quiet environment and never while you are driving. Your child’s skills and ability will develop with practice, so repeated listening is the key to success.
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