Oneida Powell

Spanish Flu 1918

Spanish flu, history of the largest global pandemic that hit the world 100 years ago
WWI The first wave The second waveCovid-19 and Spanish influence of 1918: analogies, differences, and lessons from the past which are also valid for the presentPathologica in the time of "Spanish flu"Etiology of the epidemicThe Spanish in the two sections of Pathological: "summary of recent publications" and "newsletter"Coronavirus, is it like Spanish?The mystery of Svalbard Coronavirus: four things we learned from Spanish fluTHE POLMONITE RISK.Spanish vs COVID: find the differencesThe Spanish flu: the pandemic that decimated the world populationSpanish flu: symptoms and deaths of the largest pandemic in historyAna, the 107-year-old woman who defeated two pandemics: Spanish flu and Coronavirus"Spanish" influence in 1918, COVID in 2020: a century later, still fragileThe Spanish influence shows what we may have to face againThe Lindenhof hospital in Bern and the Spanish flu Act on time.Lockdown Spanish influence in Eastern Europe: tales from Bulgaria, Romania, and PolandAnalysis of past stock market corrections 1918,Spanish influence: the second epidemic wave was proving worse than the first but the institutions minimizedThe still open questions of scienceAlways tell the truth: the most important lesson of the 1918 pandemicThe Spanish flu mystery of 1918: the pandemic killed 10 million people in two yearsThe history of vaccines How was the Spanish influence defeated?Because Covid-19 is not among the worst pandemics in historyThe second wave: autumn 1918 The experience of the pandemic among soldiers COVID-19 and Spanish influence
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Oneida Powell


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