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Law of Attraction Workbook

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Why do we spiritual teachings or self-empowerment techniques? In fact, why do we pursue anything in life?
Regardless of how we may respond to these questions, the fundamental reason for seeking anything is because we believe that we will become happier if we achieve its attainment.
Allow me to present another question to you:
-What is happiness? Besides being an emotion or the experience of feeling good, what is it?
-Where does it come from? How can we hope to achieve happiness if we do not know its nature?
The problem that most of us encounter in trying to become happier is that we treat happiness as if it was a commodity.
We may say things to ourselves like:
·      “When I find the right relationship, then I will be happy.”
·      “When I make enough money, then I will be happy.”
Regardless of what we tell ourselves, most of us have made the happiness that we desire contingent upon us doing or accomplishing something.
Even those who are spiritually-minded can fall into this trap. An example would be the Law of Attraction.
Many people become frustrated that they are unable to manifest their desires because they have fallen for the same kind of thinking.
They start doubting themselves because their experiences did not match their expectations.
This audiobook is about delving deeper than the pursuit of happiness. Instead, it is about developing an understanding of the source that affects every aspect of our being. The aspect that I am referring to is our vibrational frequency, also known as our life force. This audiobook will give you a five-day plan to raise your vibrational frequency on a deeper level (we’re talking about powerful mindset and energy shifts…) so that you can spontaneously manifest what you desire, rather than trying/struggling to achieve it.
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