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Boost Your Self Esteem

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This recording is designed to help older children to achieve a greater sense of self-worth. It will help your child to:
- Delete negative, unhelpful beliefs
- Recognise and appreciate own good qualities
- Discover inner resources
- Accept powerful positive suggestions for self esteem
- Respect the person they are
This is a self-help hypnotherapy recording for young people aged from ten to fifteen years old who need to boost their self-esteem and confidence. Gentle & relaxing, it helps them recognize some of their own good qualities and learn to appreciate their own value a little more. With regular listening they are helped to feel more confident and cope more easily in a variety of situations at home, and at school.
Play the recording at bedtime; your child can relax and drift off to sleep at the end. If you find that they fall asleep more or less immediately, let them listen at a quiet time earlier on before bedtime instead, or as well as, when they go to bed. The recording should be in addition to, rather than instead of, any usual bedtime rituals or reading so that they don’t feel deprived in any way.
The recording shows them how to relax and breathe in the colour of calm and confidence and to breathe out tension and self-doubt. They are then invited to see their mind as an imaginary computer where they seek out and delete any unhelpful disparaging beliefs about themselves. They re-set their self-esteem program with positive messages to help them recognize good qualities and achievements, be more keen to try new things, learn from mistakes instead of blaming themselves, have respect for themselves and generally enjoy being their own person.
Research shows that when a person first acts out each positive step in their imagination, it dramatically increases the likelihood of their success in the real world. This recording contains powerful suggestions for boosting confidence and self-esteem. The language and topics used are carefully crafted to appeal to listeners of all suitable ages.
Lynda Hudson's gentle, well-modulated, English voice calms, re-assures and encourages. A clinical hypnotherapist and former teacher, Lynda has worked with many children and has helped them overcome numerous problems. Her work has been widely featured in the press and she has appeared on both TV and radio.
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