Jamal A. Badawi

Muhammad's Prophethood

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More is recorded about the life of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, than any other figure while at the same time, no other personality has generated more debate than his. Ranked the number one most influential person in human history—not by a Muslim but a Westerner, Muhammad has become a target for generations of missionaries and orientalists who have aroused suspicions and propagated allegations against the man and his message.

This audiobook explores some of the main issues surrounding Muhammad’s prophethood (peace be upon him).

Was Muhammad a true prophet of God or an imposter?
If he was truthful, did he unconsciously fabricate a religion?
Is the Qur'aan plagiarized from Judaeo Christian sources?

No stranger to both sides' arguments, Dr. Jamal Badawi subjects these issues to rational analysis, steering clear of both blind acceptance and prejudicial rejection.

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