Jiddu Krishnamurti

Can the Brain Free Itself From All Self-Delusion?

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"Can the brain free itself from all self-delusion? - 11 October 1975
• Thought and the brain.
• Can the brain free itself from all self-delusion?
• Why has the self become important?
• Can there be only sensation, thought, and no desire?
• Can desire - which brings illusion, self-deception and all the complications of
changing desires – can the root of desire be dissipated?
• What prevents one from having a real insight? That is, seeing the truth of desire
and therefore end it. Is it that we have never asked this question?
• When there is no desire whatsoever then there is a total revolution, and that will
affect the consciousness of man.
• Is there a movement, an action that keeps the brain pure, uncontaminated?"
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