Blythe Ayne

The Heart of Leo

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Fall in Love with a Star....
Heart, a girl of fifteen, lives in a world of madness and grace, where test-tube babies are propagated to discover the secrets of Eternal Life.
Left as a foundling on the doorstep of a Darling Undesirables facility, alive and healthy – without a heart! – she has always loved stars. Her first love is Caffau's star, 13 billion years old, in the Heart of Leo, one of the oldest and most mysterious stars in the Universe.
Her destiny is set into motion when a Being of Light comes to her from Caffau's star. With a voice of wind chimes, he takes her on a journey through the Universe and teaches her that the Power of the Universe is shaped by the Power of Love. The Heart of Leo is the novella prequel to The Darling Undesirables and includes chapter one of The Darling Undesirables.
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