Joshua Monceaux

The Caff on Brick Lane

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All they have is hope and a dream...

In the Shoreditch District of East London, Brick Lane is known as a rough part of town, and the derelict, abandoned commercial building on Princelet Street only adds to that reputation. The whole building is dusty, dirty, and falling apart—not the spot anyone would expect a young couple to open a non-profit café.

Although Aasha and Christopher doubt themselves, they see the potential in this decrepit location. They’ve left their fancy, highly paid, and sought after corporate jobs to dedicate their lives to helping people in need, and this property might just be perfect for their new adventure.

Their café won’t be anything like a corporate chain. They plan to employ the homeless as staff and create job opportunities, providing a safe space for those who need it the most. Even when no one else believes in their vision, they hold onto their idealism.

With limited time to pull the place together, the couple knows their mission is close to impossible. Not only do they have to prepare and renovate the building—they also have to navigate new connections with doubtful locals and potential employees. Under all the pressure, even their own relationship feels the strain.

Can the unlikely café succeed despite all the challenges? Or will Brick Lane and its inhabitants chew them up and spit them out?
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