Sheba Blake

How to Build Better Habits

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A 52-week guide to building better habits in all aspects of your life! You’ll find out how the entire process of making better habits works!

With everything going around you at work and home, it can be difficult to find the time to make the habits you need to become healthy and whole. Keeping habits can be even more difficult because you have so much pressure from outside sources. What you need is a solid plan.
Without a weekly plan, you will not be able to create and sustain the habits you need to make your life better. New habits can be created in all areas of life including physical, mental, and emotional. You also need to make sure you are creating new habits at work and home so you have the proper work-life balance. Are you finally ready to learn to be content? You’ll benefit so much from reading this guide.
Does that sound good or what?
As part of our mission to publish exemplary works of nonfiction, Sheba Blake Publishing Corp. is extremely dedicated to bringing to the forefront the inspirational works of a truly talented author. The purpose of my work is to edify the spirit and touch the soul.
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