Ken T Seth

Scary Stories That I Will Never Forget: Short Scary Stories for Kids - Book 4

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Scary stories that I will never forget
Short Scary Stories for Kids
BOOK 4 : Exploring the Room the Kids died in

Jordan, and his sister Amy, take courage and decide to uncover the mystery of their haunted house. They enter the room in which the ghostly boy and girl had died in 1962, and are petrified by the paranormal activities that take place right before their eyes.

The room fills with a dense fog, and a mysterious cold breeze blows on Jordan and Amy, and they fall to the ground. The ghost in the old-fashioned tuxedo stares deep into Jordan’s eyes while warning – “You are making a huge mistake!”

The ghostly boy and girl appear, and the ghostly boy tells Jordan that his father, Mr. Walter Morgan, at the age of 90, is still in prison, because he was accused of murder. The ghostly boy insists that his father wasn’t responsible for their deaths. Before the ghostly boy could reveal what happened on that fateful day in 1962; the tuxedo ghost appears and sabotages everything.

Things take another turn, when Jordan runs into the middle of stately well-dressed guests and yells for help.
What would happen next?
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