Martin J. Kallman

Accounting for Small Business

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"Probably the Best Accounting Book Every Small Business Owners Should Read!"
If you don't understand the basic financial statements, such as primarily the Balance Sheet and the Income Statement, in addition to the Cash Flows statement and Retained Earnings, this book may be your perfect choice.

Check out what's inside:Basic accounting principles EVERY business owner should knowWhat do you have to know about Financial Statements and why they matter so much in business?Accounting for Sales and Purchases simplifiedWhat is the importance of Cash Flow in business, and how to properly keep track of it?How to plan your monthly and annual budget?What are the most important numbers in your financial statements?How to set up a business for success – step-by-step guide (no accounting knowledge required!)Profit/Sales Ratio concept and why is it so important when growing your businessDo you have a business plan? Here is how you create a great one!How to avoid potential fraud and accounting mistakes in the business?So much more!
This is an essential guide every business owner must have to run a successful company and keep it for years ahead.

And if this is what you want to do, don't hesitate… Get Your Copy Today!
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