Jiddu Krishnamurti

Breaking the Pattern of Egocentric Activity

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". Breaking the pattern of egocentric activity - 10 April 1980
• What will make a human being change, deeply, fundamentally, radically?
• Will I, as a human being, give up my egocentric activity completely?
• The more knowledge I have acquired, as I have evolved, as I have grown, as I
have experienced, it has strengthened me, and I have been walking on that path for millennia. Perhaps I may have to look at this problem totally differently - which is not to walk on that path at all; discard all knowledge I have acquired.
• Explanations have been the boat on which to cross to the other shore. The man on the other shore says there is no boat. Cross!
• What happens to me when I meet something that is completely solid, immovable, absolutely true?
• Psychological knowledge has made us dull."
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