Jiddu Krishnamurti

Can Human Problems Be Solved?

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"Can human problems be solved? - 27 September 1980
• Why have human beings throughout the world not been able to resolve human,
daily problems of life? What are the things that prevent the solution of these
problems completely?
• When there is attention there is no centre from which I attend.
• A poor man wants to be rich and a rich man wants to be richer. It is a movement
of becoming, becoming, both outwardly and inwardly. Though it brings a great deal of pain and sometimes pleasure, this sense of becoming, fulfilling, achieving psychologically has made my life into all that it is.
• Is love something that is common to all of us?
• From the particular move to the general, from the general move away still
deeper, and there perhaps is this purity of that thing called compassion, love and intelligence. But that means giving your mind and heart to this. Your whole being must be involved in this."
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