Michal Stawicki

Know Yourself like Your Success Depends on It

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The first step to success: really, truly and ultimately know thyself.
What if you never procrastinated again? What if you discovered all obstacles and struggles in advance and prepared for them? What if you were always motivated to hustle along a success path?

Amazon bestselling author Michal Stawicki presents an easy self-analysis process which allowed him to shed excess weight, save additional $10,000 in three years, learn new skills and, well, become a bestselling author in the crowded self-help market.

Following the guidance of the giants before him — including ancient sages (Socrates), CEOs (Tony Stubblebine) and icons of modern online business (Pat Flynn) — Michal answers the question: how can you in today busy world discover and follow your strengths?

Michal uses a no nonsense approach, so this book will get you up to speed fast.
If you want to succeed, you need to become aware of your vices and strengths. Even if you haven't dedicated a single thought to the matter of self-discovery for the past 10 years, you can learn how to perform daily self-analysis.

In "Know Yourself Like Your Success Depends on It" you’ll learn:
Why you already have enough within you to get successHow to harness 6 simple self-analysis techniquesWhat’s the most common habit among successful peopleHow to get a grip on self-talkHow to start and stick with a meditation habit. (Try it Michal’s way, even if you’ve failed repeatedly at this)What’s the nature of interdependence between success and self-analysis?BONUS: free resources to jump start your self-discovery quest
Create an easy, step by step plan for discovering your true self which will help you grow in every area of your life.

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