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Dog's Dinner

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Premium pet food has become big business.
In the past year, loving dog owners in the UK spent 379 million pounds on posh nosh for their pooches.
What's more, more and more of us are seeking out humanised doggie dining experiences as well...

Accompanied by her faithful canine co-host Gertie - a five-year-old rescue dog who is totally Zen until the postman calls - Sheila Dillon asks whether this is this new dog food focus is in our pet's best interest - or whether we're simply imposing our own food values on our canine companions?

Sheila visits Butternut Box - a food box delivery service creating nutritionally balanced meals delivered to the door, for dogs; hears from Glossop butcher John Mettrick who's launched a side-line making raw pet food; learns what goes into a high-end brunch for pampered pooches, at M Restaurant in London; and meets Agnes, a vegan dog-owner who's dog has also been vegan for nearly a decade.

Produced by Lucy Taylor.


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