Nadim Gillani

How to introduce Islam to your children

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Children are naturally curious about the world around them. With the religion of Islam permeating every aspect of their daily lives, it's no wonder Muslim children, who are raised in an Islamic environment, are naturally curious about God and spirituality at an early age. The Qur'an and Sunnah provide clear, concrete guidelines for Muslim parents to implement from an early age and then as children mature. The manner in which they're presented, however, will determine to a great extent the level of understanding, acceptance and eventual implementation of these guidelines.
This guidebook is for Muslim parents who want to introduce their children to Islam in a way that is meaningful and beneficial. It offers advice on how to communicate with your children about Islam, how to instill Islamic values in them, and how to deal with common parenting issues such as discipline and emotional care. With this book, you will have the tools you need to introduce your children to Islam in a loving and supportive way.
A practical and accessible audioguide to help parents introduce Islam to their children.Informative, and easy-to-listen for both parents and children.Provides a plan for educating the child about Islam at different stages of development
This Audioguide will help you raise happy and well-adjusted Muslim children.

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Nadim Gillani
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