Michael La Ronn

Dead Rat Walking

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Meet Cyrus Grant, rat shifter.
Covered in trash? Check. Getting washed through a sewer in a thunderstorm, fighting for his life? Check. Hunted by a mad scientist and an evil fae?
Ugh. Just another day in the life of a rat shifter…
All Cyrus wanted to do was find a job so he could stop sleeping on his sister's couch. Getting turned into a rat? Not on his to-do list.
Aren't shifters supposed to be lions, bears, and dudes with hairy man chests? Somebody missed the memo.
Cyrus must survive the city’s paranormal underbelly, and worse—the brutal world of rats. If he can’t, he’s a dead rat walking.
The Chicago Rat Shifter series is a fast-paced, full tilt urban fantasy that proves that the best heroes come in small packages.
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