MJ DeMarco


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Can a short 18-minute conversation I overheard from a millionaire make you a fortune?
It did for me.
And it can do the same for you.
Go back to 1996 and eavesdrop on the tense 18-minute argument I unwittingly heard. An altercation between two friends. One living a dream. The other faking it. Listen in on the powerful conversation that changed the trajectory of my life and ultimately made me a millionaire— many times over.
Delivered in a raw narrative form, step into my shoes as a depressed limousine driver and five-time failed entrepreneur. Witness the argument as I did, an argument that exposed wealth’s guiding first-principles. A poignant story of sacrifice, immutable regret, and life-changing insight... a transcendent tale relevant in any year, any economy, or any country.
Discover the right questions and you’ll discover the right answers— answers that will set you free.
Based on a true story.
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