Sir Jay Cox

December 23: Mr S – An Erotic Christmas Calendar

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"Nils is on his way up to Rovaniemi. It's time for an intense period of work before Christmas, when all the Christmas presents have to be distributed. He is sitting in his train compartment, feeling like he could fall asleep at any moment. Suddenly Mr S appears. Mr S is like a god to Nils, to everyone up there at the North Pole. Mr S takes off his red coat, takes off everything, exposes his whole magnificent body and asks Nils to do the same. Because, as Mr S says: "What happens in the compartment, stays in the compartment."

‘Mr S’ is a short story about an unexpected and exciting encounter with a man who some know as Santa Claus, but who here reveals quite a different side."

Behind the pseudonym Sir Jay Cox is an established author with several novels to his name. He is as fascinated by heroes as he is by anti-heroes, as well as by what drives them, what attracts them and the relationships they are drawn into. Sexual appetite always plays a central role, but it's not everything... In his two Christmas novellas, Sir Jax Cox takes on a couple of the holiday season's most esteemed profiles and sets them off on the most unexpected adventures. Will readers ever see them in the same way again?
Emma Ericson
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