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June T. Noble

Sex Disabled Overcome Sexual Trauma And Start Living Your Life Stress-Free With The New Joy Of Sex

Have you been traumatized by a sexual encounter in the past?
Have you found it difficult to get past what happened and move on?
Has stress and anxiety meant the end for your sex life?
If you have previously suffered an instance where you have been subjected to a sexual trauma then you will know that it is a difficult thing to cope with and heal from. The stress that such an occurrence can manifest means that it can be difficult for a sufferer to move on in life and to experience a loving and fulfilling sexual relationship again.
In this book you will find ways to heal yourself from the anguish you feel, with advice and tips on:
- Exploring the trauma you suffered with a qualified professional
- Understanding that this was not your fault
- Using mindfulness to improve your state of mind
- Reaching out to others in the same situation
- Finding a purpose in life
- Meditation
- Doing the things you enjoy again
- And much more…
You owe it to yourself not to be defined by the trauma you have suffered from and to live a life that is free of stress and where you can once again enjoy all the good things it has to offer, including a full and exciting sex life.
This book will ensure that you have the best chance to do that.
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