Simone Leigh


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Lost in LoveThe love of your life believes you are only using her for sex.
What do you do?
A BDSM Menage Erotic Romance
5 stars "OMG... Totally Hot!!! Holy Hotness!!! It’s another ten ⭐️ star review for Simone Leigh. If only we could give out ten ⭐️ stars, each & every single book by Ms. Leigh would earn them. There’s not one story of hers that I haven’t loved! Charlotte, James & Michael are my favourite characters of all time. I just can’t wait to get ahold of the next chapter into their lives. Whenever a new release becomes available, I devour it immediately & in one sitting. I just can’t put it down until I’ve completed it. Any books written by Simone Leigh are worthy of a “one-click” before even reading the blurb. I definitely recommend this new release & any other story in Simone’s library. You won’t be disappointed." Linda
5 stars "Dominants Wow, I can’t get enough of Michael and James. I can see why they make a a hell of a team. This book only furthers confirms their love and protection of Charlotte. Most of all I love that this triad is so in tuned to each other..." Keema Osborne
5 stars "Excellent Very well written. Sometimes I find that writers of erotica fail to really write well. Simone writes so well, character development, grammar, plot and descriptive ability all come together to make the best author in the genre. I simply love the way she words things...beautifully. Simone Leigh is a wordsmith." S. Forbes
5 stars "Love this book I cannot get enough of James, Michael and Charlotte! I love these characters and I love all the books in the series. Simone Leigh vividly creates characters that I have fallen in love with!!!!" Name not returned
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