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No More Social Anxiety

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Are you extremely awkward in social situations? Do you often feel nervous and afraid to speak to people you don’t know? Then you need to keep reading...
According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, the number of people who suffer from social anxiety is an estimated fifteen million. Due to increased isolation, this number is expected to rise. Shockingly, most people with this condition do not seek treatment immediately or at all. 36% of those with social anxiety report that they experienced symptoms for ten years before seeking help.
In the book, you’ll discover:
Expert techniques for tackling social anxiety in everyday life. (Learn the inside tricks known to conquer daily stressors and INSTANTLY induce calm in panicked situations!)Tips for strengthening self-confidence and defeating shyness.How to slay the beast of self-consciousness with these important steps.The single most powerful psychotherapy method for cognitive restructuring, self-regulation and relaxation training.The reality of depression and its often-misunderstood symptoms.How to rewire your thinking patterns and attract social success NOW. (Eliminate all anxious habits and navigate any situation with respect-commanding confidence!)And much, much more...
Even if your anxiety is uncontrollable, and every attempt to ease your symptoms has failed, the extensive research behind this guide will ensure you feel instantly more empowered in any social setting, and develop all the necessary traits to say goodbye to anxiety for good.
If you want to unlock the advanced techniques and tips only known to leaders in the field, and finally unleash your full potential as a total charmer who’s unafraid of any situation, then you should listen to this audiobook!
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