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Ken T Seth

Scary Stories That I Will Never Forget: Short Scary Stories for Kids - Book 3

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Scary stories that I will never forget
Short Scary Stories for Kids
BOOK 3 : More Ghosts Appear
The eerie and alarming incidents that take place in the old Victorian house, continue, and Jordan finds himself in a terrible situation.
The boy and girl ghosts plead for help, while the dark cloud takes the form of an evil-looking man in an old-fashioned tuxedo and top-hat.
One day, Jordan encounters the gardener, who tells Jordan that the house was built in 1962 by a wealthy businessman named Walter Morgan. Mr. Morgan had been extremely attached to the house, and he had punished his son and a daughter for messing around the house; by locking them up in a room for two days. On the third day, Mr. Morgan had found them dead.
Terrified, Jordan informs his dad that the house is haunted, but his dad dismisses it as his imagination.
Jordan tells Amy about the ghostly boy and girl, and Amy suggests they should check the room the kids died in.
But before that, more ghostly sighting takes place, and Jordan finds Amy in the basement, crying for help… but is it really Amy?
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