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Sugar Detox and Type 2 Diabetes: 2 Books in 1: How to Stop Sugar Cravings, Lower Blood Sugar, and Manage Diabetes

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Sugar Detox and Type 2 Diabetes: 2 Books in 1
Book 1: Sugar Detox: How to Stop Sugar Cravings, Lose Weight and Lower Blood Sugar
Are you struggling with sugar cravings?
Recent studies show that sugar is as addictive as drugs such as heroin and cocaine. You may have a sugar addiction without even realizing it given that sugar is present in a vast range of foods and beverages including cookies, candy, ice cream, juices, soda, and even bread. Eating excessive amounts of sugar can result in serious health issues such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.
This book shares effective strategies for detoxing your body from sugar and its harmful effects. By reading this book, you'll learn:
• Why so many people constantly crave sugar
• Why sugar detox is so important
• Tips on performing a successful sugar detox
• 41 delicious sugar detox recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner
Book 2: Type 2 Diabetes: How to Eat Better, Lower Blood Sugar, and Manage Diabetes
Type 2 diabetes is a condition where the glucose levels in a person's blood are too high. If left untreated, type 2 diabetes can progress over time, resulting in serious complications such as blindness, heart attacks, and strokes. Unfortunately, there is currently no medical cure for diabetes.
A healthy lifestyle is essential for managing type 2 diabetes. This book features proven strategies on how to lower your blood sugar naturally.
By reading this book, you will learn:
• what are type 2 diabetes and its complications;
• healthy lifestyles to lower blood sugar;
• a diabetic diet plan;
• 28 easy and delicious recipes that are diabetic-friendly;
• effective dietary supplements; and
much more!
Eating healthy food, exercising regularly, and losing weight are all critical for blood sugar improvement. Through due diligence with healthy habits and medication, you can control and even reverse diabetes.
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