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Financial Planning Explained

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In today's ever-changing economic climate, there has never been a better time to give your finances a health check, and ensure your current and future financial needs are protected. As individuals this can mean making sure your family and future retirement plans are safeguarded, while as business owners it can mean making the right investments to ensure your company keeps growing and attaining any future goals. But what exactly is Financial Planning? It's a process of financial examination and protection that is often misunderstood. The overall goal is to integrate taxes, insurance policies, and investment portfolios into an all-inclusive plan that helps individuals and businesses comprehensively maximize their assets to ensure they reach their financial goals. Financial Planning can encompass; - Budgeting - Reduction of debts - Management of taxes and insurances - Risk management - Planning for retirement - Education funding - Allocating investments and assets - Estate planning In this easy to follow guide, I will explain Financial Planning to you in plain English cutting out the needless jargon and phrases that can be all too confusing. Whether you are overhauling your personal finances, or consolidating the finances of your business, this book will help set you on the path to clear understanding and financial security.
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