M.J. Ryan


Whether they are trying to stay relevant at age 60 in a large corporation, coping with a big new job with unfamiliar rules and methods, facing a scary reality that their industry is in danger of becoming extinct, struggling to get donations for their nonprofit in a troubled economy, or, as a result of our current economic crisis, suddenly unemployed and looking for a job, people of all ages and walks of life are scrambling to deal with the vast changes that are happening in every industry, every profession, every part of the world.

We're expected to not only keep up, but find new and creative solutions. We find ourselves in uncharted territory with no road map to follow. Knowing that you need to change, or even wanting to change isn't enough. Without rewiring your thinking at the root and knowing what actions to take, all you get from that is wish and want and, usually - stuckness. We need a revolution in the way we think in order to survive in the future. Rather than simply exhorting people to change, I provide a roadmap for how to actually develop the capacity to change.
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