Introduction to Email Productivity

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Email productivity has gradually become one of the leading areas of research in human-computer interaction due to increasing email users. With the rapid advancement in the field of communication, email has started to play a central role in business communication. According to a research report, email volume is growing at a speed of nearly 15pc per year1. However, increased reliance on email has resulted in the proliferation of messages in the mail-boxes.
Consequently, this has engendered a variety of issues for email users. For instance, health issues, lack of time management, opportunity cost, and other problems. But, these problems can be overcome by taking multi-pronged remedial measures for increasing efficiency in managing email. Several writers have suggested their own methods for increasing email productivity; however, these methods can be categorized into three groups: email management techniques for the individual employee, plans for the organization or the employer, and inbox usability improvements by the software programmer.
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