Ben Vizard

A Divided Duty

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Declared unfit for active service after the Great War, Richard Hansen feels rudderless and out of place. But when the unthinkable happens and the shadow of a new conflict looms, he is thrust into enemy territory once again for a final, covert mission.
Devastated and mourning her own catastrophic losses, his wife Emily is alone and adrift in a once-idyllic marriage grown cold and distant. When one day a surprise visitor comes calling she is faced with a choice that may grant her the very thing she has always longed for… or lead her into terrible danger.
As Europe goes to war a second time and Richard and Emily’s paths are wrenched apart, each must confront the ghosts of their own past, battling forces both seen and unseen as their lifelong love is tested to its limits - by duty, grief, time, and betrayal.
Ben Vizard
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