Cynthia Mendoza

Vampire Romance: Bitten by The Billionaire (Paranormal Fantasy Alpha Vampire Romance)

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Be Seduced by The Vampire Tonight. Can You Handle The Heat?
WARNING: 18+ Audiences only due to several sizzlin' hot scenes. Not recommended to operate machinery while enjoying this dripping wet spicy romance!
When Christine Wexner, aspiring author, finds herself trapped in a first class cabin with a chatty Charles Winston, she has no idea how much her life is about to change. The young self-proclaimed “fat girl” can’t help her annoyance when Charles insists on talking her ear off during their flight. That is until he reveals his knowledge on all things vampire. As the first female author of a history of vampires, Christine is soon hooked. By the time the flight lands in New York, Christine is sad to part ways with her new friend. When her connecting flight is cancelled due to a blizzard however, Christine soon comes face to face with Charles all over again. Only this time the mysterious stranger is offering her a place to stay. Little does she know that when she takes him up on his offer, she is going to be signing up for much more than just a night in a penthouse suite.
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