Allan Pinkerton

The Expressman and the Detective

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"All history proves that no one can hug a secret to his breast and live (...) This is especially noticeable in persons who have committed criminal acts." When a trusted employee is suspected of stealing from the Adams Express Company in Alabama, the organization reaches out to the Pinkertons, the world‘s first private detective agency. Recounting true events, `The Expressman and the Detective‘ (1874) tells a fascinating and suspenseful story of an investigation in which all that can prove a person‘s guilt is a confession. Allan Pinkerton, the founder of the agency, assigned agents to shadow the suspect, others to gain his trust and he was among the first to hire a female detective. The London Times famously called him "a man at once deeply admirable and quite obnoxious."

Allan J. Pinkerton(1819-1884) was a Scottish-American detective and founder of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. He recounted his first big investigation in `The Expressman and the Detective.‘ A dedicated abolitionist, he offered his Illinois home as a stop on the Underground railway for escaping slaves.
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