A.L. Lucas

Seduction Simplified

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Seduction Simplified: The Ultimate Guide on How to Master the Art of Seduction, Learn Body Language Tips That Would Help With Dating and Finding the Love of Your Life

Would you like to change the way you communicate with others for better relationships?
Most of us have been trained from a very early age to see, communicate, and perceive our reality in a certain way. We also learned to depend solely on verbal communication, using language and words. Strategies of seduction also include non-verbal communications and body language.
In this audiobook, you can learn all you need to know, including:
Is It Really Possible...Or Just Mumbo Jumbo?A New Way of Seeing, Perceiving and CommunicatingThe StepsAccessing "Alpha" LevelPreparation: Before Going OutMagnetic VisualizationTurning In OnVerbal ExchangePhysical ConnectionGet a copy today and see how Seduction Simplified could help you!
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