The Divorce Pill, Doug Bierl
Doug Bierl

The Divorce Pill

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What if you could get a glimpse into the future and experience what life would be like after divorce? Would it change your mind about divorce? Would you decide to move forward knowing the risks? Would you expect your situation will be different from everyone else’s? Now you can get a glimpse of life after divorce, by taking one pill!

Brian Walker has been married 15 years and has three children. His wife, Lillie, recently discovered that he was having an affair, and Brian is considering divorce because he doesn’t want to deal with it. However, he is hesitant because of concern for how it will affect his kids. He heard about the Divorce Pill, which allows people to experience what divorce would be like for them. For the sake of his kids, he wanted to see what the Divorce Pill would reveal before making the final decision. Brian’s experience opened his eyes to what he could expect after divorce, and it will open your eyes too. So, take the journey with him and see where it leads!
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The Divorce Pill, Doug Bierl
The Divorce Pill
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