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Drumming for Beginners - Your Journey Into Playing Drums

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Have you always had a secret desire to learn how to play the drums?
Was it the expense of getting started or the difficulty that put you off in the past?
Have you shaken off that negativity and have decided that now is the time to learn?
Learning to play the drums is difficult for many people. The coordination and rhythm that is required doesn’t always come naturally and many start and then abruptly halt or move to another instrument instead. But there is something about playing the drums, especially with a band, that appeals to millions of us.
In this audiobook, Drumming for Beginners: Your Journey Into Playing Drums, you will discover some of the secrets that will help you to learn drumming quickly and easily, so that you have a base to work from. It contains chapters that include:
- Tips to Master Playing the Drums
- Learn How to Play Drums – Drum Rudiments
- The Beginners Drum Set
- The Reasons Why People Find Drums Difficult
- Warm Up Exercises to Play the Drums
- What You Need to Know When Learning to Play the Drums
Once you have mastered the basics od drumming it becomes easier to build on your new-found skill and go on to the next level and the next after that. Before long, you will be wondering why you never took it up before.
Get a copy of Drumming for Beginners and see how it will help make your drumming dream come true!
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