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Audio Oasis: Reduce Anxiety and Increase Inner Peace with a Meditation and Affirmations Collection

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You feel rushed and tired and unable to find a moment alone to yourself. Or when you do find it, you find it difficult to let go and relax. But with the right guidance, you can train your body and mind to experience new levels of calm and restoration.

This collection has been designed to help you find inner peace within yourself so you can learn to relax and enjoy life.

This collection can help you:

• Find your zen
• Feel more centered
• Experience inner peace

The audiobook includes:

• Chapter 1: Meditation
• Chapters 2 to 7: Daytime Affirmations
• Chapters 8 and 9: Subliminal Affirmations

Listen to the subliminal affirmations on a low volume either before or during sleep.

Find your balance and make relaxation a regular part of your routine. The more room you make for inner calm, the more it will fill you up.


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