W. Bradford Swift


Fantasy Adventure Series - Zak Bates Eco-friendly adventureProtecting the planet: a thankless job and one that has no breaks!For Zak Bates and his magical friends, the next eco-adventures is usually right around the corner. A fishy reconnaissance mission in the Illinois River leads them to Florida, and it’s there, in the everglades, Ohnmar appears...a very displeased and displaced python. Having been abandoned by his caregiver, who seems to have cared very little, Ohnmar teaches Zak a lesson that may prove useful when an emergency in Ohio demands the gang’s presence.
In Zanesville, Ohio, a dangerous menagerie has escaped from a private preserve, and the situation threatens to spiral out of control. Francis, a spirit bear from British Columbia is being held captive, and, to free him, the Eco-Adventurers will need to align with Chatters, a white (knight) squirrel. Though fraught with peril, the breakout might be a chance to mend the globe.
A call to arms, to wings and fins...
An eloquent environmental message for our times!
Endangered is a Zak Bates Eco-Adventure novel that will entertain and enlighten young minds. Fabulous fiction and terrible truths: a romping exploration of the perils faced by our animal friends, posterity, and planet.
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