Stephanie Barron

Jane and the Final Mystery

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The final volume of the critically acclaimed mystery series featuring Jane Austen as amateur sleuth
March 1817: As winter turns to spring, Jane Austen’s health is in slow decline, and threatens to cease progress on her latest manuscript. But when her nephew Edward brings chilling news of a death at his former school, Winchester College, not even her debilitating ailment can keep Jane from seeking out the truth. Arthur Prendergast, a senior pupil at the prestigious all-boys’
boarding school, has been found dead in a culvert near the schoolgrounds—and in the pocket of his drenched waistcoat is an incriminating note penned by the young William Heathcote, the son of Jane’s dear friend Elizabeth. Prendergast had been widely reviled for his ruthless bullying. Has William exacted revenge on his tormentor, or is there a larger conspiracy looming?
Jane takes up lodging near the idyllic college in order to untangle the duplicitous testimonies surrounding the prefect’s death. But Winchester College is a world unto itself, with its own language and rites of passage, cruel hazing and dangerous pranks. Can she clear William’s name before her illness gets the better of her?
This audiobook edition includes an exclusive afterword narrated by the author.
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