Hanae Bezad

Being Other

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Do you ever feel that despite your skill and hard work, you're overlooked because of your gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or nationality? Do you feel the need to dim your shine just to fit in?
But what if being othered could be your strength? What if, embedded in your experience of adversity, is a new kind of leadership that challenges, inspires, and empowers?
In Being Other, Hanae Bezad takes you on a journey through her lived experiences—as a woman, an Arab, a Muslim, and an African—and intertwines them with the tales of other inspirational women. Together, they shine a light on how racism, misogyny, and deep-rooted power dynamics can be confronted and transformed into a foundation for unshakable dignity, self-worth and self-love.
Each chapter unfolds with transformational stories told in Bezad’s warm, poetic yet confronting voice, culminating in exercises to apply these learnings in your own life.
Being Other is for every Black, Indigenous and Women of Colour looking to reclaim her otherness as a creative superpower and achieve the success she deserves.
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