Catherine Rahab

Cunning Tutor

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Jill's part-time job is about to unlock a new world of opportunity and satisfaction.
This is part one of the Virgin Billionaire Madam series... the origin story.Content with the fun of sharing flirtatious glances with passing guys from her counter at the ice cream shop, Jill loves her job. Every day is light and fun. Even though she doesn't get to enjoy the ice cream, it offers her plenty of fun with her friends.

Almost like a naughty dare, her friend Trish, nudges (or shoves) Jill into a new situation that literally opens her... to new possibilities.
The ExperimentWhen Jill and Trish's hearts go out to a guy who is clueless with women, they formulate a plan where ice cream cones aren’t the only things getting licked.

Come along to the back of the store where the two mix business with pleasure. Jill discovers she's a natural teacher who isn't afraid to give herself fully to help her students.

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Cunning Tutor
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