Neil Plakcy

Brackish Water

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FBI Special Agent Angus Green returns to the world of stolen art when a Cuban refugee uses the location of an old master painting to negotiate for his freedom. The perilous waters along Florida's coastline get easily breached by those smuggling drugs, stolen goods, and human refugees. Angus wades in eagerly, as always, only to discover hidden currents and dangerous obstacles.

At the same time, Angus's romantic life is heating up as it presents new challenges, and his stepfather's death gives his mother the opportunity to tell Angus the truth about his parentage in a way that completely rocks his boat.

From gnarled mangrove roots to deadly villains, people and places stand in Angus's way to keeping his head above water.

Can Angus navigate the brackish waters of the Florida Keys-- and political privilege-- while staying within the law?

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