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The Intelligent Investor

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An intelligent investor understands that time is money. To make more money, they learn how to make as much money as they can within a period of time. This means they cannot rely on one stream of income, as one stream of income has never made anyone wealthy! How many people do you know who have become incredibly wealthy from working a nine-to-five job? I’m guessing not many.

The truth is the average nine-to-five job takes a huge chunk of your time and, in return, pays you a fixed salary. A salary is able to put food on your table; however, once you lose your job or retire, that salary vanishes!

We’re living in a time where every family and individual desires financial stability. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring or the unexpected financial expenses we will have to incur. Breadwinners, investors, and young entrepreneurs need to have a solid plan B that generates money on the side. You can think of plan B as being a “side hustle.”

The only way to accelerate your earnings would be to adopt an explosive strategy like passive income investing. This investment strategy provides you with an opportunity to make extra cash, without having to exchange a lot of your time for it! When many people describe this strategy, they say it’s like making money in your sleep. This is true! Passive income doesn’t have a cap or limit; there is always someone somewhere in the world who’s willing to buy your product or service.

In this quick and easy read, author Nik Azarnik ushers you into the world of passive income investing and provides necessary tips and practical steps on how to action 12 passive income strategies. After reading this book, you will have the tools to select your favorite passive income strategies and implement them without having to quit your day job.

If retiring early is your plan, Azarnik will show you that it’s possible with passive income!
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