International Language School

Learn Spanish and Italian for Beginners and Advance

You Are A Step Away From Discovering The Most Effective Way To Learn Italian Through Stories and how exactly to start speaking Italian FAST!
More precisely, in this book, you will discover:
·        The meaning of common Italian words used in the stories, with exercises and answers
·        How to construct sentences with the right tenses in Italian
·        How to use direct and indirect speeches in Italian
·        Nouns in Italian, and their singular and plural forms
·        How to use comparative and superlative forms of adjectives
·        How to converse about the weather and climatic changes in Italian
·        The fundamentals of interviewing for a job in Italian
·        How to book a hotel room in Italian
·        An Italian guide to Venice, including what you need to say, and where you need to visit
·        How to converse in an Italian supermarket
·        How to ask for directions in Italian
·        How to buy dog kennels like an Italian
·        Summary exercises to confirm your understanding of Italian
…And so much more!
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