Suzanne Byrd

Managing Relationships with ADHD

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This short book is about managing relationships when you have ADHD. We have looked around and whilst there is some scattered information about managing aspects of relationships whilst having ADHD, there was nothing that was in any way comprehensive.
In this short book we cover these three key areas:
The domain of the personal relationships at homeThe world of workWider friendship circlesWe will also outline some of the key challenges that people with ADHD will face as well as some suggested solutions that have been provided by notable experts in the field.
This book isn’t solely intended for those who suffer from ADHD, or have been recently diagnosed with ADHD, but that it is for their wider circles. Their spouses, colleagues and friends, as it is only through the entire network working together, that the challenges faced by sufferers of ADHD and their loved ones can be overcome.
Suzanne Byrd, London
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