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The quiet masses: the curse of being shy
Shyness exists in every corner of the world, every level of society, every workplace and school, in boardrooms, bars, churches and bus stops, in places large and small. The digital age, with all the interconnection it offers, has only made things worse. For those living under the shyness curse, life can be discomforting at best and terrifying at worst.

OK, so I am shy. So what? That’s just who I am.
While shyness may seem just as much a part of you as your elbow, the difference between your elbow and your shyness is that you weren’t born with your shyness. It was cultivated and fostered over the years (quite possibly unknowingly) through the processes of your (sneaky) mind. There is good news here for you. You might never succeed at thinking away your elbow, but you can apply your mind’s amazing power to banish your social anxiety for good!

I’ve tried overcoming my shyness before, I am just not sure it’s worth it.
Experiencing the full richness and beauty of our world requires some measure of confidence and the ability to create real, meaningful human relationships.

Author Michal Stawicki has seen the extraordinary results. Michal was once painfully shy, and it limited him in his personal, professional, and social life. So, when he set out to change his life, he knew that his shyness had to go. And go it did!

But it can’t be that easy, right?
From Shy to Hi follows The 10-Minute Philosophy, a strategy that has helped thousands of Michal's readers to bring about big changes in their lives through small, but sustained action. The book offers practical strategies to help you dismantle your social anxiety through daily, non-intimidating steps.

If you’re ready to develop that confidence you are after, download From Shy to Hi now.
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