Donald W. Flood

The Best Way to Live and Die

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Every day the sun shines on new people recognizing the truth and returning to their Creator in repentance and submission to Him. Ambitious for the promised reward of eternal happiness in Paradise, these new followers give renewed enthusiasm to the believers of today with their sincerity, keenness and solid adherence to the divine teachings. From their vast experiences in the past, they command strong endurance and a unique appreciation of their newly found path to which God has guided them, finding their way with easiness and surety in life. They discovered God’s guidance and came to it on His terms—with open minds and clear consciences resolving to follow the truth wherever and with whomever it lay. Many of them had reached satiety and disgust with materialistic lifestyles and turned back to humankind’s original religion with true love for purity and homage to their Creator.
In this audiobook one such seeker of the truth, Donald W. Flood from the United States, relates the amazing story of his quest for divine guidance and true faith. Blessed with success and happiness in the right path of God, the author would love no more than to share this great good and source of peace with his fellow human beings.

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