Mary Moore

Weight Loss: The Proven Plan for Fast Weight Loss Results

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Have you decided that the time is right for you to lose some weight?
Are you fed up with ill-fitting clothes and looking out of shape?
Do you need a plan of action?
Losing weight is high on most people’s ‘to do’ list. With western diets meaning expanding waistlines and obesity becoming an epidemic, shedding a few pounds is not only desirable, for some it is essential.
In this new book, Weight Loss: The Proven Plan for Fast Weight Loss Results, we will help you find a weight loss program that is ideal for you, one that will keep the pounds off for good, with chapters that give you advice on:
- The Reason Goals Are Important in Weight Loss
- The Reason Goals Are Important In Maintaining Weight
- The Reason Goals Are Important In Body Image
- Setting Goals For Eating Right
- Setting Goals For Exercise
- Setting Goals For Body Image
- How To Stick To The Program
And more…
With this book to help motivate and inspire you, then keep doing it, you will find that losing weight is surprisingly easier than you’ve been led to believe. And a whole lot of fun as well.
Get a copy of Weight Loss today and see for yourself how you lose the weight you don’t want!
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