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The New Simple And Practical Solar Component Guide

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Have you ever wanted to save money on electricity and become energy-independent?
Do you want to protect your family from regular power outages and negligence of local utility?
Do you want to get the most efficient, reliable, and cheap solar power system for your off-grid home, cabin, RV vehicle, or boat?
The audiobook "The New Simple and Practical Solar Component Guide" helps you accomplish this by understanding the essentials of building blocks of solar and harnessing solar power.
Written by electronic engineers this easy-to-read-and-follow solar component guide demystifies all of the components of a solar power system in a way that anyone without a technical background can understand.
This ground-breaking audio guide is useful for a broad audience: technically and non-technically inclined people, beginners and advanced in solar power, and professionals of engineering background.
Based on a thousand hours of research and experience, the audiobook contains practical solar power information you cannot find and cannot apply by just searching the web.
This audiobook will save you a lot of money and trouble for years to come!
This indispensable audio guide provides you with a serious introduction and practical information to solar power coupled with action-oriented how-to tips and guidelines about selecting, combining, and sizing solar components as well.
Every journey starts with the most important first steps and having a solid foundation about solar components is a prerequisite for getting an efficient, safe, and cost-effective solar power system.
Without this essential knowledge, every attempt for designing and sizing a solar power system will be either fruitless or counterproductive.
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