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Feeling Better - Changing Patterns

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This breakthrough programme is for those who feel stuck in repeating habits and patterns that impact on the life they lead and know that they have potential to achieve so much more.
The aim of Clearing Patterns is to clear emotional triggers and responses as well as habits and behaviours that are not helping you. It could be about feelings of shyness, anger, self destructive behaviours or chronic anxieties. It may also include addictions, self sabotage and feelings of shame, lack of confidence and much else.
This programme is concerned with how our emotions are working for us or not working and how this can be changed.
There are five audios is this Clearing Patterns programme:

CP1 Introduction (14 mins)
CP1 introduction explains how emotions work for us or not and the purpose of the audios that follow.

CP2 Metaphors (13 mins)
CP2 focuses on the role of metaphors – which are the language of our unconscious. And so, what are the metaphors that work for you? You will discover these.

CP3 Growing Up (14 mins)
CP3 focuses on clearing the redundant emotional patterns that developed in our childhood and that are still active in our adult lives.

CP4 Narrative Reframing (20 mins)
CP4 has a bigger objective – namely to facilitate a more empowering narrative or story of our lives. This is time line work to clear away the non trauma memories that are keeping you stuck.

CP5 Learned Behaviours (20 mins)
CP5 examines how learned behaviours – of addictions, lack of self confidence and so on can be resolved.

Email access to Andrew Richardson
I want to hear how you have got on with Clearing Patterns and be available for you with advice, mentoring and if needed personalised one on one help – so you can truly recover and find the optimism and energy that is your birthright.
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