Regina Williams

Self Esteem: The Self Help Book for Women and Men eager to Improve Self Confidence and Overcome Self Doubt

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We all know that self-esteem, otherwise known as self-confidence, is an essential part of success.
It’s time you stop losing opportunities and start investing in building your self-confidence and overcome self-doubt.
Inadequate self-esteem and self-confidence can leave people psychologically defeated or stressed out. Additionally, it may lead people to make bad options, fall into harmful relationships, or inability to make people attain their full potential.
Are concerned about changing your life and achieving your goals without the obstruction of your internal critics but with high sense of self-worth and confidence? This is the book for you!
An excessive amount of self-esteem, as exhibited in narcissistic personality disorder, could be off-putting to others, and may also harm personal relationships.
Self-esteem levels, at the extreme high and low ends of the spectrum, can be dangerous, so ideally, you need to strike an equilibrium somewhere in the center; An authentic yet positive view of yourself is usually considered the perfect. But precisely, what is self-esteem? Where will it result from, and what impact does it have on our lives?
This book will give you the tools to understand self-esteem, self-confidence and teach you the techniques to master it effectively; you will learn how to stop the negative and paralysing self-talk and establish daily positive affirmations that will impact your subconscious mind and will improve your confidence.
In this book you will learn the types of self-esteem and their features, the methods of enhancing your self-worth, and many more!
After reading this book, you would simply be a new person with a changed heart and strong level of inner strength.
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