Tyler Bordan

Law of Attraction

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Are you living the life you want to live?
Sure, you may have a solid job, an okay relationship, and a body that’s not too overweight. But are you truly living up to your potential? If you think there is more, if you think you can do more and achieve more, then this audiobook is for you.
Many people go through everyday routines without ever getting out of life what they really want. They don’t make a difference, and they don’t find fulfillment in their daily tasks.
Understanding the law of attraction can change all that!
Did you know positive thoughts attract positive results? Did you know every pattern begins with a belief?
Maybe you’ve heard it all before. You’ve listened to self-help guides and gurus, but you just can’t put your finger on why all these big promises under-deliver. Perhaps you’re wondering why it hasn’t happened to you yet. Well, today is your chance to understand it better and to do something about it!
In this audiobook, you will discover where it may have gone wrong. In other words: where you missed out. You will get new insights that will show you the way. You will think more clearly to envision the future and work toward it. You will learn about things like:
How celebrities and successful individuals have used the law of attraction to achieve more.Sneaky secrets that show you the shortcuts to success.Thoughts that go deeper into the question: Does the law of attraction really work?How to attract health, wealth, and meaningful relationships through the law of attraction.A step-by-step overview of how the law of attraction guarantees success in all you do.Join the crowd of happy, successful people who discovered the secrets of the universe. They changed their mindset, their look on life, and their entire future by the positive, clever principles that are being taught in the law of attraction.
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